Sunday, April 9, 2017

Dominick and Haff 1881

Dominick and Haff 1881

How many times have you tuned over an interesting piece of Dominick and Haff silver and found the date 1881 in the mark. This was obviously the year that the company really could do nothing wrong. Dominick & Haff, a silver manufacturing company in New York had some of the best silversmiths in the country working on the most innovative designs and techniques of this period.

Recently this large hand hammered arts and crafts candle holder popped up on the market and we could not believe the scale of it. It is over 12 inches tall and is hand hammered in the arts and crafts style. The bizarre head that forms the terminal looks very much like an Eastern man in the moon face with a pony tail. The feet are all hand hammered and curl up at the ends.

The candle is held in place with a spring.

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