Sunday, April 9, 2017

Kirk Landscape Chased Silver

One has to remember that Samuel Kirk was chasing away in his workshop long before Gorham and Tiffany were making silver. Consequently we should show Kirk respect for the fact that they were a well organized American silver manufacturer in Baltimore and because they consistently produced some of the best silver hollowware in the United States.

What really gets people excited in the Kirk landscape series and if you examine the landscape pieces you will notice that some of the best chasing was done later rather than earlier. In fact the chasing of the 1900s to 1920s is really fantastic down to the detail of birds flying in the background to the rod in a fisherman's hand.

I have put some pictures into this page to show some examples:

 The teapot is massive and has the 11  ounce mark, a rams head handle and floral finial. Most of this type will have a Chinese influenced scene chased on the pot unless the focus is on castles and architecture

Here is a Kirk 11 ounce landscape covered sugar with a stag finial on the lid. Both the lid and the urn have a French touch mark indicating that it had been either sold in France or imported into France.
Here is a Kirk teapot with a cast lion finial and large floral finial. The shape is somewhat traditional and the landscape features large important looking buildings. Most of these pieces are well made with considerable weights.

To see more Kirk landscape and other Kirk pieces click on the link below