Sunday, April 9, 2017

Tiffany Antique Sterling and Mixed Metals Pitcher

Tiffany Mixed Metals Antique Sterling Pitcher

In the late 1800s Edward Moore at Tiffany & Company produced a line of Japanese influenced hollow ware and flatware at the same time as Tiffany's Saracenic line of wares. The attention to detail and the quality was so remarkable that it left a legacy that sets it apart from other American manufacturers. 

I once asked a collector why he was so fascinated with these pieces of Japanese influenced silver that were executed according to strictly controlled guidelines in drawings with numbers that dictated the very size of the faceting of the spot hammering and he answered that he liked the idea of an American who might well have been chewing tobacco in the studio making these pieces that frightened the Japanese with the level of sophistication and purity.

Thirty five years ago I opened my first catalog from Christies as newcomer and could not believe my luck that I had found my passion. Nowhere is the world can one find this quality and uniqueness.

The pitcher photographed here as applied brass and copper oak leaves joined by engraved tendrils. The surface retains a textured satin finish applied at the factory in the 1880s and has not been polished. This is seldom the case. Tiffany made two different sizes of these pitchers, the larger size is 8" tall and the smaller 7 1/4".

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